Sunday School @ 9:45am
Sunday Worship @ 11:00am
Training Union @ 5:00pm
Evening Worship @ 6:00pm

Wednesday Prayer Service @ 7pm
~ Cemetery Rules~

1. Contact committee for locating all grave sites, grave digging and setting of markers. Committee will contact Jane White @ 256-735-1062 or 256-709-5857 to dig all graves when available.

2. All flowers must be removed by the family 10 days after burial, Memorial Day or Decoration.

3. No mounding or use of cement on graves is permitted. Graves are to have a flat surface to permit mowing.

4. Flowers, decorations or shrubs that prohibit, restrict or hinder mowing and trimming around monuments are not allowed.

5. Monument for single grave not to be over three (3) feet long, double seven (7) feet long.

6. Each plot reservation requires a $400.00 donation for non-members.

7. Each plot reservation requires a $100.00 donation for active members. Members can only reserve plots for their immediate family. (example: a husband and wife with two children can reserve four (4) plots)

8. All graves will face the east. When couples are buried together the male’s grave will be on the right side facing east.

9. The layout frame must be located 18 inches and 90 degrees from the pull string.

10. Graves are to be laid out from the North end using five (5) foot centers. (example: the centerline of the third grave from the end will be twelve feet and six inches (12’-6”) from the row marker)

11. All graves are required to have a vault.

12. All monuments must be pre-approved prior to placement.